Mar 2 / Flavia Richardson

How to manage inflation as a small company

As a small company, it is important that you understand the importance that inflation plays in your business operations. As inflation increases or decreases, it has an impact on the cost of doing business. With high inflation, you can see your business paying more for a product it was picking up for a much cheaper price not too long ago. Yet, at the same time, during periods of high inflation, your own costs need to go up to match the price of doing business.
How, though, can you confidently handle inflation long-term?

Manage consumption accordingly. The first place to start when managing inflation as a small business is to cut the cloth accordingly. With your increased spending due to inflation, you might need to reduce consumption to help balance your costs out. So, you should look to try and put in place a clear and specific budget that makes tough decisions. You might need to start cutting costs in some areas, but most of the time you can find superfluous spending that needed reduced in the first place.
Focus on spending better as opposed to spending less; look for better deals, cut agreements with suppliers etc. 

Look at how you can speed up productivity 

Time is money, and you want to make sure that you can get the most out of every penny you spend. As such, you should be looking for ways to ramp up productivity without harming the end product. If inflation is hurting your bottom line, then you can speed up how productive your business is through various means.
You might find cost-effective outsources who can speed things up, or you might find cost-beneficial tools and tech. Look into various ways that you can make your business work smarter, so you can get more done per hour and thus justify the higher cost of doing business. 

Automation is a vital way to help get more done in less time, thus helping to balance out against inflation. Automation can make sure that your business is able to get more done in a shorter space of time. By using tools like robotic process automations and workflow software, you can easily make it easier for things to be done quick-time. Now, your business can get more done in the same hours of the day without compromising the end result.
This helps you to do more, sell more etc. and thus make more money, helping you to offset the losses brough about by high inflation.

Inflation can kill a business if you do not adapt, but the above tips should make sure that your small business can see out an inflationary storm.  

Get rid of excess services and products 

One common way to help avoid inflation from biting too much is to get rid of excess. For example, if you run a business that has a cafeteria, you might have a wide-ranging menu. This menu might have, say, fifteen meals available. Analysis, though, might show that only six or seven meals area regularly bought; the others are a rarity.
So, you could either stop serving the rare meals or you could cut down on the amount of supply you buy for those meals. Look for ways that your business is spending wastefully, and cut it out. Even if it means having to remove a product or service that costs you money to store supplies yet does not get ordered much, so be it.  


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