Feb 24 • Flavia Popescu-Richardson

How to deal with a competitive market as a founder

When you are in the process of building a startup business, a major issue you might run into is competition. Your new business can feel daunted from day one purely because you are dealing with a highly competitive marketplace. If you want to try and get around that problem, you should try and focus on the follow tips. This should help you to get a better handle on dealing with a competitive marketplace. As a founder, this is one of your first hurdles so overcoming it should become very important. 

Understand what your competitors do well 

They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but we do not want to outright copy the competition. Instead, you should spend a bit of time looking into what they are doing and doing well. Look for little consistent signs in their messaging, their approach to marketing, and their layout. How do they get across the positives? How do they word the answers to important questions that users will be enquiring about? Look at similar markets for innovations The best way to beat the competition is to get to the next market trend before they do. So, try and look at similar markets to yours. You might notice non-competitors in other related markets using innovative marketing techniques or strategies. See what you can take from those who are around your business, and see how you can re-align these strategies. How can you use these ideas before they become commonplace within your industry? 

Focus on your biggest strengths 

As a founder you should be looking to provide support to your clientele. This is your businesses strength. So, try and focus on those strengths. What do you offer that is unique or better than a typical competitor? Whatever that is, focus on it in your messaging. If you do not offer something that is different to those around you, you need to think about what you can bring to the table to focus on. One of the worst things you can do as a business founder is to simply imitate the biggest names in your niche. You need to offer something similar to what they offer, but with a twist. For example, if your startup was in a highly competitive field with many big-name businesses, you could offer the benefit of a more focused and personal touch. Avoid simply doing what they do, because your competitors have the reach, reputation, and resources to always outdo you. Find your own style. 

Make every client feel valued 

Those who choose your startup over a big name alternative have taken a relative leap of faith to use your service. So, you should look to reward them by making them feel especially valued and cared for. This is very important, as it is one of the best ways to set your business apart from your competition. Make clients feel valued; if someone has a request or suggestion, make it clear that you have heard them and are considering/going ahead with implementation. If a client has a more bespoke request on what is a typically standard order, make the adjustment for them. Show that your startup listens to each client, not just the broad majority. Keep these tips in mind, and overcoming a heavily competitive marketplace becomes a little bit easier. As a founder, dealing with competition is never easy. Sticking to the above tips, though, could be just what you are looking for. 


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