How learning for founders is continuous

Mar 2 / Flavia Richardson
When you found a new business, it makes sense that you will spend plenty of time learning. Opening your doors as a new business is highly exciting, and at the start you will feel addicted to education. You will want to learn more, understand more, and take more information in.
This is a common part of being a business founder; you are keen to develop. Yet, once your business is established, do you believe that you simply stop learning? Do you imagine that you just go with the flow, and keep doing what you were? This is not the case whatsoever. Indeed, if you wish to found a business, you need to be ready to keep innovating.
Because the market never stands still. What you learn as your business is being founded is modern and relevant information that benefits you. But what about a year from now? Five years? Ten? Do you believe that your industry and market will simply stay in a time freeze, never to adjust or adapt again? If you do, you could be in for a rude awakening. If you are a founder of a business, learning is not something that stops.

Just the same as if you get a University degree in a particular topic, you do not know it all. You know it all on the day that you pass; the very next day, though, an industry-changing revolution could happen. As such, even those who hold degrees at the highest level need to keep educating themselves. As a business owner, you need to always have your eyes and ears trained for the next innovation. If you stop learning, then you will never keep growing. You will stagnate.  And before long, your competition will overlap your business. 

Why you should keep learning as a business founder 

Put simply, new tricks and ideas come along that you need to find a way of integrating into your company. Your business needs you to keep improving. You need to always be learning about things such as:
  • New product and service opportunities that fit in with the kind of offers that you provide
  • Marketing innovations that can help you to take your business to a new level of visibility
  • Reducing the workload on your team by using innovative and modern technology and tools
  • Ways of working that fit in with the modern sense of development that matters for your business
  • Equality and inclusivity factors that can drive your business to a higher level of togetherness 
All of these factors will, in some way or another, play a crucial role in the development and improvement of the business opportunity that you have in mind. If you are serious about running and building a business, then you absolutely must focus on all of the above.  

Do not stop learning. Do not assume you have mastered anything. The world is a constantly shifting and evolving place; assuming you have ‘learned all you can’ is a huge mistake. Never put down books, articles, podcasts, and video series that can help you to learn.

Keep your mind open, and always be wiling to learn something new. 
Who knows? It could be the next thing you learn that becomes the next industry secret!  


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