Mar 2 / Flavia Richardson

How coaching can help founders cope with difficult situations better

As a business founder, it is important that you get used to one fact of life: from now on, things will be stressful. Working for a company is stressful enough, having to meet the tasks and demands of someone else each day. Working for your own company, though, is far more stressful in every way. You are in control of everything – success and failure. The way your company works is down to you.  If you worry the stress could be too much, you should consider undergoing coaching.  Why, though? How can coaching help with coping with tough business scenarios? 

Learn coping techniques. One of the main benefits is that business coaching can give you stress coping techniques. These can then adapted and adjusted to fit in with your own personal feelings and way of thinking. This is important, as in times of stress you need to find proven ways to ease a troubled mind. With that in your thinking, then, coaching should become a priority if you wish to progress. 

Realise your situation is not unique 

When stressed out and worried about your work situation, it is easy to feel like you are alone. Coaching, though, soon teaches you that the trials and tribulations you are wrestling with are totally normal. Your situation is not unique – which is a good thing! It means that you can learn from how other business owners and intelligent minds broke free from the stress. Now, you can use their experiences to overcome your difficulties. 

Appreciate your need for support. Another reason why coaching matters is that it can make you soon realise just how important it is to have meaningful support. As a founder you can go it alone one time too many and leave yourself isolated. By having coaching, though, you soon realise that you need people. You need staff, suppliers, and collaborators all pushing in the one direction.  Coaching can impose on you the fact that no business is built by one person alone; this is a collaborative effort which requires co-operation. 

Understand that things will change 

Coaching imparts a vital message to you that you should never forget: no business runs in a straight line. There will be peaks and troughs; profits and losses. No business remains on an upward curve forever; however, the same goes for a downward trend. Keep this in mind, as many people believe that their business is eternally going to be a success or failure.
Understand that things will change and adjust over time; it will benefit you massively in the years to come.

Lastly, by going through coaching, you are learning from people who sat where you are right now. They know how you feel. They understand the questions swirling in your mind; and they also have the answers. This is very important to know, as it means that you can learn about how to overcome the questions that, to your mind, have no answer.
Keep these factors close to mind, and you can find it easier than ever to build your business. As a founder, you owe it to yourself – and your business – to keep learning. Through coaching, you can learn that the challenging moments can be overcome. Do not ignore the value of learning from those who were once where you are today – they can shine a light on the darkest parts of business ownership and foundation.


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